43 District Court in Ferndale, Michigan, Oakland County

Ferndale District CourtThe 43rd District Court covers three courthouses in Oakland County, which include Ferndale, Madison Heights, and Hazel Park.

The 43rd District Court in Ferndale has 14 full-time employees, 3 part-time employees, a magistrate, and Judge Longo whose biography is listed below.

The District Court presides overs criminal cases including both misdemeanors and felonies. It also covers General Civil cases where the amount of money being fought over is under $25,000. The Court also handles landlord tenant matters and traffic tickets.

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Judge Joseph Longo at the 43rd District Court in Ferndale 

For 15 years, Judge Joseph Longo has served at the 43rd District Court in Ferndale. Judge Longo has served as Chief Judge for the 43rd District Courts.

Judge Longo has had a hand in the Critical Life Choices program at the district schools, launching the court’s website, and developing multiple community outreach programs. Judge Longo is responsible for initiating one of the state´s first sobriety courts.

Prior to being a judge, he practiced law for close to 20 years. Judge Longo´s experience as an attorney included both civil and criminal law. He was also a Prosecutor for Oak Park and Huntington Woods.

Judge Longo is on the Board Chairman of the Michigan Aids Coalition, Vice Chairman of the Board of Ferndale Youth Assistance, and as a member of the Board of Governors of the Children´s Learning Center.

He received his Bachelor´s Degree from the University of Michigan at the age of eighteen. He earned his law degree from Michigan State University.


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