Another criminal matter successfully dismissed out of the 19th District Court in Dearborn Michigan.

The facts of the case were that our client was out with some friends in Detroit. They were out having fun and visiting a few of their favorite bars. Our client was the designated driver. He had a responsible amount of drinks with dinner, ate a full meal, and allowed several hours to pass before he drove.

Around 3AM he was on the way home from Detroit on I-94, as he got into the City of Dearborn another car rear- ended him. The car sped across the highway and our client was unsure as to where the car went. Unsure if this person was intoxicated, trying to hit him intentionally, or get him to pull over to rob him he drove home in a panic and called the police.

When he called the police the call was routed to the Taylor Police Department who told our client that he would have to make a report to the Michigan State Police because this was not their jurisdiction. The officer also told our client he could make the report at his convenience and did not need to be done right away.

The next day our client went to the State Police. Instead of being greeted by a polite police officer ready to serve the community he was met with hostility and interrogated. The State Trooper accused our client of driving drunk and trying to get away with a hit and run. The officer did not even bother to call the Taylor Police to confirm that our client reported the incident. Instead the Trooper charged our client with Failed to Stop or Identify after P.D. Accident and Careless Driving. This was when our client called us and we took on the matter.


Failed to Stop or Identify after Property Damage Accident

This offense is a criminal misdemeanor punishable by up to 93 days in jail, a $500 fine, court costs, $2,000.00 in driver responsibility fees, and 6 points on your driving record.

This offense carries almost all of the same penalties as a drinking and driving offense.


Careless Driving

This offense is a civil infraction punishable by $195 fine, 3 and points on your driving record.


Case Dismissed

Through the Discovery process we were able to obtain cell phone records, the Taylor Police audio recording and gain other evidence. A few Pre-Trials and discussions with the prosecutor later and both the criminal charge and careless driving matters were dismissed in exchange for paying a small fine for a civil infraction fine. Our client was very happy to avoid having a criminal charge on his record without having to go to trial.

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