Detroit Michigan Eviction Attorney

The 36th District Court in Detroit Michigan can be difficult to navigate. There procedures are unique to their court and they expect you to follow them. Landlords often have difficulty dealing with their cases downtown. Aaron J. Boria, PLLC, has experience with the courthouse in Detroit.

We can save you the hassle by appearing on your behalf.

We handle all types of Michigan evictions, including: Nonpayment or rent, breach of the lease agreement, termination of tenancy, and drugs.

If your house is under a corporation or a business you MUST have an attorney.

For more information on Michigan landlord tenant evictions check out our site.

Aaron Boria - I am a motivated Michigan criminal defense lawyer located in Metro Detroit. Practicing law is my passion. Helping others is motivating and rewarding. Feel free to contact me anytime!


  1. Remona
    Sep 08, 2011

    Do you handle evictions in Wayne County?

  2. Aaron
    Sep 09, 2011

    Yes, we appear for evictions in district courts all over Wayne County.