At 7:30 in the morning of July 6, 2012, M-14 in Ann Arbor, Michigan was closed to both eastbound and westbound traffic at Barton Drive after a crash. Westbound M-14 traffic was diverted to northbound US-23.

Michigan State Police is supervised the scene where the flatbed truck had rolled over. A cleanup crew was present since officials could not initially identify what was being transported in the truck.

The truck was carrying a train car full of benzene dicarboxylic acid, which is used in the manufacture of food and beverage plastics, dyes, perfumes and medicines. It is not considered to be harmful.

Luckily, no other vehicles were involved in the accident. Ann Arbor Township Fire and the Washtenaw County HazMat team cleaned up the spill. Sand trucks were being utilized as well to absorb the chemical. The Huron Valley Ambulance sent its hazmat medical support team, Mobile Operations Center and one paramedic unit to assist. It was quite the spill.

Being an unexpected accident there were no warning signs and it took some time for local radio to get the news out.

Our client was on his commute to work. Same commute he takes day in and day out. While following the large truck in front of him our client went onto the portion of M-14 that was blocked off. The truck in front went through the pylons, but our client slowed down and rolled his window down to speak to the officer.

Before our client could get a word out of his mouth the Michigan State Trooper yelled something to the client about the pylons. The client tried to explain that it was an honest mistake. The officer issued the client not with a traffic ticket, but with a criminal misdemeanor under Michigan law.

Specifically, MCL 257.602 Compliance with order or direction of police officer. More commonly known as failure to comply with a police officer.

The statute says a person shall not refuse to comply with a lawful order or direction of a police officer when that officer, for public interest and safety, is guiding, directing, controlling, or regulating traffic on the highways of this state.

Punishment for failing to comply with a police officer in Michigan:

If convicted, the client could face 90 days in the Washtenaw County Jail, fines and costs. The case went to the 14A2 district court in Ypsilanti, Michigan.

Our client, who had no previous criminal history and near perfect driving record was naturally upset. He wanted to defend the case to the fullest, so he hired a criminal defense lawyer and we did.

It turned out no police report was made. The officer showed little to no interest in the case and didn’t appear at the pretrial. We set the case for trial and on the day of trial the officer never showed.

Case dismissed.

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