Here we are once again blogging about another dismissed case. By now you may be thinking, “wow, this attorney is incredibly self centered (like the majority of lawyers) and only blogs about his victories”. The truth is that Aaron J. Boria, PLLC, has had more than 6 of our previous cases dismissed in the last two month. This case was dismissed at the 21 District Court in Garden City, Michigan, Wayne County.

Disorderly Conduct Dismissed

Our client had walked to a local bar across from the Garden City Police Station. He had absolutely no intention to drive, just planned to tie one on and head home. His girlfriend decided to head up to the bar to meet him for a drink. It started to get late and the coupe decided it was time to head home. The plan was to take the five-minute walk back and get her car in the morning, as responsible people do.

On the way out of a bar a nosey patron on her way in started accusing the couple of driving drunk. The couple tried to explain that they weren’t driving, but apparently the patron had never heard of walking and called the police.

When the officer showed up with three other patrol cars it should have been no surprise that nearby on lookers stopped to see what was going on at the bar.

Our client tried to explain that he did nothing wrong, nonetheless the officer still arrested him for disorderly conduct.

We’re not going to bash on officers in this article, they have to make snap decisions, often with little information, and with the pressure of police department agency procedure. It does not mean it’s right, but I’m not surprised our client was arrested given that he had been drinking and the other patron had not. Doesn’t mean that I agree with it.

Garden City Defense Lawyer Gets Results

We appeared on behalf of our client at the 21District Court in Garden City, Michigan, Wayne County this past week. At first the city prosecutor was unwilling to budge on the criminal charge of disorderly conduct. After discussing the facts of the case with the city prosecutor he was willing to dismiss the criminal charge.

Our client was thrilled that he was able to walk out of court with the criminal charges against him dismissed.

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