Driver License Appeal Division attorney Aaron J. Boria has successfully reinstated numerous revoked licenses.

If your license has been revoked for drinking and driving convictions or drug convictions contact DLAD lawyer Aaron J. Boria for a free consultation (734) 453-7806. For more specific information on the Michigan driver license restoration process click here.

We know the steps, we know the rules, we know how to prepare you for the hearing, we know how to represent you at the hearing, and we know how to get your driver license back.

The Michigan Secretary of State revokes a Michigan driver license for two or more drinking and driving or substance abuse related driving convictions in seven years. The Secretary of State deems this person to be a habitual offender. The Michigan Driver Assessment and Appeal Division, formerly the Michigan Drive License Appeal Division handles all driver license appeals for the Secretary of State.

A judge cannot reinstate a driver license that has been revoked because habitual offender status. Only a Michigan Secretary of State hearing officer can reinstate your Michigan driver license if it was revoked due to habitual offender status.

DLAD Lawyer recommendations

The ideal candidate has a minimum of one-year sobriety from alcohol and controlled substances.

The ideal candidate has successfully completed probation or has at least completed all that has been ordered by the judge and they are waiting on a discharge date.

The ideal candidate is attending alcoholics anonymous or some other substance abuse support program or has an informal program involved in their life.

DLAD Lawyer can help

We are contacted by numerous candidates that have been denied by the driver license appeal division now looking for representation for their nest hearing. If you are denied by DLAD you will not be able to have another hearing for a year. Do yourself a favor and hire a lawyer the first time around and give yourself the best opportunity to regain your driving privileges.

We meet with our clients at our office, at their home, or at a mutually convenient location because we realize you cannot drive and getting around is your biggest problem.

We refer our clients for a substance abuse evaluation with trusted advisors accepted for their expertise in substance abuse.

We review all documents in preparation of your driver license appeal.

We go over the Driver License Appeal Hearing so that our clients know exactly what to expect when they go in for the hearing.

We appear with our clients at the hearing and present their testimony and evidence of sobriety.

Remember only a lawyer can represent you at a Driver Assessment and Appeal Division hearing. Hire a lawyer that knows the hearings, knows the rules, and knows how to get your license back. Hire drive license lawyer Aaron J. Boria.