Another Michigan driver license has successfully been restored after years of revocation.

Our client’s license had been revoked since 2006 for two drinking and driving convictions. The client had previously attended a hearing at the Michigan Secretary of State Driver Assessment and Appeal Division without a lawyer in an attempt to have her license reinstated and lost.

After many hours of hard work of acquiring references, medical evaluations and preparing for the hearing our client was ready.

We arrived at the hearing and our client blew it away! A few weeks later we were happy to receive notice that her revocation was no more, we had won the hearing and her license had been restored.

Michigan Driver License Appeal

In Michigan, your license will be revoked if you are convicted of two or more drinking and driving offenses in seven years. This license revocation is by statute and has nothing to do with the court, so be careful what choices you make when handling a second DUI charge.

Upon the second conviction for drinking and driving (more commonly OWI or Operating While Intoxicated in Michigan) you are classified as a “habitual offender”. After one year you will be eligible for a hearing. Driver license reinstatement is NOT automatic.

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Michigan Driver License Lawyer

It is incredibly important to hire a knowledgeable license restoration lawyer when pursuing driver license reinstatement. As of the date of this post our firm has successfully won every Driver Assessment and Appeal Division Hearing we have handled from start to finish.

Driver License Reinstatement Lawyer in Michigan

It is your job at the petitioner to demonstrate by clear and convincing evidence that you do not drink alcohol or abused drugs now and have not drank alcohol or abused drugs for a minimum of a year. Further, you must also demonstrate that you will not ever drink alcohol or abuse drugs ever again.

You can meet this burden by providing letters of support attesting to your sobriety, substance abuse documentation, and the testimony of yourself and witnesses.

It important to make sure that your support letters have relevant information in them that will help you meet your burden. It is incredibly important to discuss the hearing with your lawyer so you don’t wonder into the hearing blind.


Winning back your Michigan drivers license

If you are successful at your first hearing and you are a Michigan resident you will be required to install a BAIID Breath Ignition Interlock Device on your vehicle. After one year you will be able to attend a second hearing for a full license without restrictions.

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