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Landlord Tenant consent judgments

Most, if not everyone, seeking evictions with the court are using the court forms. These standard forms make life easier for everyone, but you need to know how to read them, what they say, and what the effect is.
You’re ready to go to court, what now? You’re seeking a ruling by the court, a judgment for money, for possession, etc.

One of the things written on the judgment form is the type of judgment.

Hearing Judgment – Occurs after arguments are made to the judge and they rule.

Default Judgment – most common has to be that one of the parties didn’t appear.

Consent Judgment – Both parties agree to a resolution.

More times than not, consent judgment is the best way to go. When people work together everyone wins – Yes, that may sound tacky, but when things can be resolved amicably money is more likely to get paid, people are more likely to move on time, and less money and time is spent than is you argued over the issue longer.

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