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  • Best lawyer ever! (After a jury returned a verdict of Not Guilty)
    Josh in Clarkston, Michigan
  • Aaron restored my faith in lawyers
    Rachel in Livonia, Michigan
  • When I take the time to consider just how bad things could have been I consider myself fortunate. Your services were invaluable – it was comforting to have your help and guidance.
    Bryan in Westland, Michigan
  • Being Charged with CSC 2nd, facing years in prison and the sex offender registry was the worst thing that ever happened to me. We had a jury trial and I was found not guilty after 7 minutes of deliberation.
    C in Trenton, MI
  • I was facing 90 days on the charge of contributing to the delinquency of a minor, the judge wanted to throw me in jail. We went to a jury, the result – NOT GUILTY!
    Charles in Melvindale, MI
  • I was at a house party when a fight broke out and I was accused of stabbing someone in the hand. I was being held in jail on a felony charge. Aaron visited me in jail on a Saturday and made me feel much better. The felony was dismissed and I ended up with only a year of probation.
    Joe in Taylor, MI
  • Police pulled me over for having a hitch. They said I resisted arrest and they found weed. I was charged with three crimes. Mr. Boria got me off with a disorderly conduct.
    Joe in Allen Park, MI
  • Facing life as a habitual fourth and 3 other felonies each carrying up to 5 years, and felony firearm carrying a mandatory 2 years consecutively, Aaron was able to get me a deal where I would serve only 2 years.
    Anonymous in Detroit, MI
  • My license was revoked for two driving on drugs offenses. I had appealed without an attorney before and lost. I went with Mr. Boria to the DAAD hearing and three weeks late I had an order for a license.
    Anonymous in Sterling Heights, MI
  • I was charged with two misdemeanors, possession of marijuana and having a fake license. Aaron got both of the charges dismissed!
    Justin in Milford, MI
  • Three charges were against me, breathalyzer refusal, no insurance, and OWI with a BAC of .19. Aaron got most of the charges dismissed, the OWI reduced to impaired driving and no jail.
    Frank in East Lansing, MI
  • The police charged me with possession of marijuana even though I had a michigan medical marijuana card. Aaron got the case dismissed.
    D in City of Northville, MI
  • I was ticketed for speeding, 80 in a 70; Aaron was able to reduce the fine and prevent me from getting any points!
    Sandy in Mason, MI
  • The police pulled me over for running a stop sign and was arrested for drinking and driving. Aaron got the stop sign charge dismissed and the drinking charge reduced. Even my probation was non-reporting!
    Anonymous in East Lansing, MI