It’s no secret, the City of Detroit is not doing well and the 36th District Court is not far off. Michigan Courts are charged with collecting a minimum of 70% of fines and cost. The 36th District is collecting less than 8% of the money owed to them coming up 62% short.

Among lawyers, the 36th District Court has a reputation of being an absolute mess. Recently the chief judge was asked to step down or resign. Court of Appeals Judge Talbot is standing in as Special Judicial Administrator and is currently cutting the fat and making heads roll.

Wayne County Ticket Program

In hopes of raising money for the 36th District and the rest of Wayne County a defendant will not be able to walk into any Wayne County District Court and pay their fines.

This is good for a few reasons. First, it allows a defendant and their lawyer to avoid the nightmare of the 36th District while it’s being cleaned up.

Second, county judges will be able to waive late fees and other fees that have been tacked on as a result of not paying your ticket off. The money will be split with the local court where the defendant pays their ticket and the 36th District.

License Restoration

Courts impose a certain type of warrant and license suspension when people do not pay their fines. As a result of this program, in some cases, it will enable some to settle their outstanding balance for less than half of the balance due.

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