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Aaron Boria is one of the leading criminal defense lawyers in the state of Michigan. Aaron Boria has successfully litigated numerous complex criminal matters. Aaron Boria is also well versed in legal issues that stem from criminal convictions such as expungement and license restoration. Aaron Boria has the experience and stays up to date on current, and new law by spending over a hundred hours every year in continuing criminal defense legal education.

After completing law school at Thomas M. Cooley Law School in only two short years with honors, Aaron Boria began fighting for the accused and protecting their rights. Several hundred cases later, Aaron Boria continues to fight for his clients obtaining tremendous results including dismissals and Not Guilty verdicts saving his clients thousands in fines and years in prison.

When Aaron Boria has a few moments of downtime he enjoys working out at the local CrossFit and hanging out with his best friend, a Doberman named Dominick. Aaron Boria also loves to cook, and is a major movie buff. He recently closed on a home nearby in downtown Plymouth. Aaron Boria has an open door policy, so if you are in the area feel free to drop by.

Aaron Boria practices in the following areas in Michigan: Criminal Law, Jury Trials, Driver License Restoration and Expungement.

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