Domestic Violence does happen and it’s unfortunate; however, it has been our experience that this particular crime is often over exaggerated and at time completely fabricated. Other times an innocent party is charged with a crime after acting in self defense.

Domestic Violence in Michigan

Domestic Violence is an Assault and Battery that involves a relationship between the parties. They can be husband and wife, an intimate dating relationship, have a child in common or living in the same home.


False Report of Domestic Violence

In most cases we have come across where domestic violence has been charged there is usually an underlying conflict going on within the home. Rarely do we see a happy home where on one particular day there is an incident leading to domestic violence charges.

Often husband or wife will make a false report preceding a divorce or while a divorce is pending to gain leverage during the division of property and spousal support or during child custody actions.

We have also seen situations where an argument erupts, a situation gets heated, and someone calls the police on the other and lies out of anger.


Defenses to Domestic Violence

Often the crime was never committed and that is probably the most common defense. Self defense is often a common defense in these situations, for example: The initial aggressor calls the police after being struck or restrained in self defense and the innocent person is arrested.

Domestic Violence Lawyer

We are proud to report that we have had numerous domestic violence cases dismissed where our client asserted their innocence.

Jurors have sided with us in domestic violence.

In many situations of over reporting, but still having some culpability, we have been able to keep the conviction off of our client’s record.

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