Driver License Restoration Lawyer

Michigan DAAD LawyerIn Michigan, your license is revoked if you have been convicted of two drinking and driving offenses in seven years. The Michigan Secretary of State considers you to be a habitual offender for having two or more drinking and driving convictions.

It’s time to get your driver license back. Our firm is concrete in driver license restoration. We know the rules, we know how to handle the hearing, and we know how to get your license back.

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Michigan Driver License Restoration:

If you currently live in Michigan and this is your first driver license appeal hearing, or if you have previously been denied and need to have another hearing click here. To date, we have won every Michigan driver license appeal we have handled from beginning to end at the Secretary of State hearing level.

Circuit Court Driver License Appeal:

If you recently (within 63 days or 182 with good cause) had a Michigan Secretary of State License Hearing and you were denied licensing privileges you might appeal that decision to the Circuit Court where you live.

Administrative Driver License Review (out of state Michigan drivers):

If you live outside of Michigan but your license was suspended because of a drinking and driving conviction in Michigan, your best bet is an administrative review for your license.

Only A Driver Assessment Appeal can Restore Your Michigan Driver License

A revoked license means that your driving privileges are terminated indefinitely. You are not legally allowed to drive at all if your Michigan driver license has been revoked. Unlike a suspended license, a revoked license does not get reinstated after the passage of time and the payment of a fine.

You cannot simply get a driver license in another state to restore your driving privileges. Other states will enforce the State of Michigan’s decision to revoke your license and only Michigan can reinstate your driver license.

Don’t risk being stopped by the police and arrested for driving on a revoked license. Think of the freedom you would have to go to work, school, the grocery store, a friend’s house or wherever else you choose.

Hire a Michigan Driver License Restoration Lawyer

Aaron J. Boria is a successful Michigan driver license restoration lawyer. Our firm has successful restored more than 90% of the driver license cases we have handled. The majority of people that apply for the driver license hearing and attend without a lawyer loose. Don’t be that person, give yourself the best opportunity to regain your freedom and get behind the wheel. Call (734) 453-7806 today! Only a licensed Michigan lawyer can appear with you at the hearing. Hire a Michigan driver license lawyer today. 

Restoring your Michigan Driver License

Only the Michigan Secretary of State, not the court, has the power to reinstate a revoked driver license. The Driver Assessment and Appeal Division (DAAD) also referred to as the Driver License Appeal Division (DLAD), govern the hearing, and the rules for license reinstatement.

You must attend a license appeal hearing at the secretary of state. The burden is on you to clearly show that you do not drink alcohol or use drugs now and you will not drink alcohol or use drugs ever again, that you will follow the rules of the road and be a safe driver.