We are happy to announce another successful Driver Assessment and Appeal Division Hearing.

Our client, who wishes to remain anonymous, had been without a driver license for years. He had been without a driver license for so long that living in Michigan without a license had become a way of life. Taking a taxi, walking, and the occasional limited bus route was second nature.

When his employer offered to give him a promotion that would require commuting he knew it was time to reinstate his driver license.

Drugs and alcohol were no longer apart of his life, which is one of the requirements of the Driver Assessment and Appeal Division. However he had not been attending a formal support group, which is not required but highly encouraged. Luckily, we were able to overcome the lack of a formal support group with other evidence at the driver assessment hearing and get his license reinstated.

He made the right choice and called Michigan driver license attorney, Aaron J. Boria. For more information on Michigan driver license reinstatement click here.


Michigan Driver License Reinstatement

In Michigan your license will be revoked for two or more drinking and driving offenses within seven years. A driver license revocation is permanent, unlike a suspension the license will not reinstate after a period of time. In order to regain driving privileges after a Michigan driver license revocation you must attend the Michigan driver assessment and appeal division hearing at the Secretary of State.

The burden is on you to show by clear and convincing evidence that you have remained sober from drugs and alcohol for a minimum of one year and that you will abstain from drugs and alcohol indefinitely.

You must also demonstrate that you will be a safe driver and obey the laws of the road.

When you attend the hearing make sure you contact a Michigan driver license attorney that knows that law and knows the hearings.


Michigan Driver License Attorney

Aaron J. Boria, PLLC, to date, has had a 100% success rate in reinstating revoked driver licenses in cases that we were retained from beginning to end, meaning from document preparation and submission to the actual hearing.

We know the step to getting your driver license back, we know the DAAD rules, and we know how to get you your driver license back.

If your license has been revoked for two or more drinking and driving offenses contact Michigan driver license attorney, Aaron J. Boria today. (734) 453-7806