Our client was very generous and allowed who she thought was her friend to borrow her car on several occasions. On this particular occasion our client was riding shotgun from the Hill in Allen Park while her friend was driving down Southfield South when Allen Park Police stopped them for a minor traffic violation.

The police officer claimed that he stopped them because the driver had been swerving. The friend who was driving the car stupidly gave the officer a false name thinking that the officer wouldn’t bother to ask for ID or check on the person’s identity.

The officer pulled everyone out of the car and arrested the driver for giving false information to a police officer. Our client did not have a valid license and couldn’t drive the vehicle so it was towed. Prior to the vehicle being towed the officer claimed to preform an “inventory” search before the tow truck arrived. A marijuana pipe was found near the passenger side of the vehicle in a compartment.

Our client tried to explain to the Allen Park PD that she had been letting her friend borrow the car and that the pipe wasn’t hers, but the police wouldn’t listen.

Possession of Paraphernalia

Our client was arrested and charged with possession of paraphernalia, a misdemeanor punishable by 93 days in jail and a hefty fine.

Case Dismissed at 24th District Court

After numerous conversations with the prosecuting attorney they were not willing to dismiss. We set the matter for trial at the 24th District Court in Allen Park, Michigan. The prosecutor must have thought we were bluffing because on the day of trial they decided to offer a civil infraction to avoid litigation, a civil infraction is the equivalent of a speeding ticket or better yet, a parking ticket. The criminal matter was dismissed and our client walked out of court a free woman.

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