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35th District Court Lawyer

The 35th District Court is located in Plymouth, at the intersection of Plymouth Road and Haggerty. There are three judges at the 35th District Court that preside over criminal misdemeanors, preliminary felony matters, and civil lawsuits with a value under $25,000.

Attorney Aaron J. Boria’s practice is dedicated to defending those accused of crimes. Located in Plymouth, Aaron J. Boria appears at the 35th District Court on a weekly basis, if not more. Boria has obtained multiple Not Guilty jury verdicts, dismissals, and countless reductions at the 35th District Court. 

If you are facing criminal charges at the 35th District Court then you need criminal defense lawyer, Aaron J. Boria. Call (734) 453-7806 to speak with attorney Aaron J. Boria

35th District Court 2022 update

A lot has changed since the COVID-19 pandemic. For a while in 2020 the 35th District Court completely shut down from the public and was not hearing cases at all. 

Slowly, the court began reopening and allowed for Zoom virtual meetings. Now in 2022, the court is open, but there are some major changes pre pandemic. 

When entering the courthouse you must wear a mask. Cell phones, interestingly enough, are now allowed in the courthouse. 

The court has an online check in link at the top of their web page that must be completed before entering the courthouse.

While you can go into the 35th District Courthouse, most cases are still online though Zoom. Judge Lowe and Judge Gerou handle their cases almost exclusively online, whereas Judge Plakas prefers to handle his matters in person. 

All three judges handle their state docket in person. State docket cases are almost always heard on Fridays. All felony matters are state docket cases. Some misdemeanors are state docket cases. You will know if your case is a state docket misdemeanor if the prosecutor is a Wayne County prosecutor rather than a local city prosecutor. 

35th District Court Lawyer

Plymouth Criminal defense lawyer, Aaron J. Boria appears in the 35th District Court on a regular basis multiple times a week on average.

There are three judges at the 35th District Court and they are Judge Gerou, Judge Plakas, and Judge Gerou. Each judge has his own way of doing things when it comes to procedure, sentencing, and other matters. It is important that your lawyer knows how to properly handle your matter in front of each judge so as to get you the best possible result. Aaron has won a trial in front of each judge at this court, something that very few attorneys can say.

There are six different government agencies that prosecute cases in the court and they are Canton, Plymouth Township, Plymouth City, City of Northville, Northville Township, and the State of Michigan. Each agency has its own prosecutor, and just like the judges they have their own way of doing things. It is important that your criminal lawyer know how to get what they want from prosecutor and how to deal with them in difficult situations.

Boria’s office is located less than a mile down the road at 472 Starkweather Street. Our office is open daily from 8:30am until 5pm and sometimes later for our client’s convenience. We also offer weekend appointments by request for clients ready to retain out services. Call or drop by, the door is always open. Aaron J. Boria lives in Plymouth and is active in the community supporting local business.

When you really need results, then you really need Plymouth criminal lawyer, Aaron J. Boria, so call (734) 453-7806.