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24th District Court Allen Park Lawyer

24th District Court – Allen Park – Melvindale

The 24th District Court in Allen Park, Michigan has jurisdiction over the City of Allen Park and the City of Melvindale.

The 24th District Court presides over civil and criminal matters. Criminal matters include misdemeanors for the municipalities of Allen Park and Melvindale as well as the State of Michigan. The Court also presides over criminal felonies for arraignment, and preliminary exams. Felony matters from the 24th District Court, if bound over, are sent to Wayne Circuit Court at the Frank Murphy Hall of Justice in Detroit.

The Allen Park district court does not have an official sobriety court; however, the court will allow defendants to enter into sobriety court at other local courts that offer the program such as the 23rd District Court in Taylor.

24th District Court Judges

The 24th District Court has two judges, Judge Page and Chief Judge Courtright.

Judge Courtright

Judge Courtright was appointed by Governor Englor in 2000, and was reelected by the voters of the City of Allen Park and the City of Melvindale in 2008.

Judge Courtright is a compassionate judge that is willing to give defendants a fair shake when it comes to their defense. Judge Courtright takes into consideration a defense attorney’s allocution on behalf of a Defendant when passing judgment.

Judge Courtright can be a bit unpredictable with sentencing and often times can appear to be very harsh, but he is willing to listen and with a strong allocution his mind can be changed from jail to probation.

Judge Page

The voters of the City of Allen Park and the City of Melvindale elected Judge Page in 2004.

Judge Page has a reputation for being a fair judge. Judge Page allows criminal defense attorneys to present their case in a fair and neutral manner. If the prosecutor has pushed you into a corner and you feel a trial is necessary Judge Page is a fair judge to have. Judge Page sentencing is reasonable, he takes what defense attorney’s allocutions into account when passing judgment.

Judge page is probably one of my favorite judge’s to appear in front of. He sticks to the law, and is truly a neutral unbiased judge.

Criminal Charges in the 24th District Court


Melvindale Prosecution

If you are charged with a crime by the city of Melvindale the prosecutor attorney against you will be from Lawrence Coogan’s office. The Melvindale prosecutor is located at 4146 Oakwood Blvd., Melvindale, MI 48122 and can be reach at (313) 381-0044.

Allen Park Prosecution

If you are charged with a crime by the City of Allen Park the prosecuting attorney against you will by Michael P. Hurley from Pentiuk, Couvreur & Kobiljak, P.C. Michael’s office is located at 2915 Biddle Ave Ste 200 Wyandotte, MI 48192 and can be reached at (734) 281-7100. 

State of Michigan Prosecutor’s Office

If you are charged with a serious misdemeanor or a felony you will be prosecuted by the Wayne County Prosecutor, Kim Worthy. Kim Worthy is located at  1441 Saint Antoine St., Frank Murphy Hall of Justice, Detroit, MI 48226 and can be reached at (313) 224-5777. 

Criminal Defense at the 24th District Court

Aaron J. Boria has been appearing in the 24th district court for years. Prior to representing the accused of Allen Park and Melvindale, Boria was an intern for Judge Page while in law school.

Boria’s years of hard work in the court has resulted in earning immense respect from the judge’s and prosecution.

Some of Boria’s notable wins include the following:

Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor – Not Guilty

Our client was charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor after he left a baby on the median of Outer Drive in Melvindale. He was arrested after he set his child down to run after his girlfriend who was upset and running into traffic. After the jury heard the facts and Boria argued he was doing the best he could do in an emergency situation he was found not guilty.

Armed Robbery – Life Offense – Dismissed 

Our client was charged with the life offense of armed robbery after her and some friends took some clothes from the shopping area known as The Hill in Allen Park. On the way out of the store a security officer grabbed her and she reached in her purse for a gun. She ran out of the store and on the way home was stopped by the police and arrested.

As it turns out she never had a gun and from the evidence it was clear that not even the loss prevention officer believed she had one. The felony was dismissed and she was given a fine for trying to take the merchandise.

Vicious Animal – Dismissed 

In this case our client was charged with vicious animal after police responded to his home over an argument between he and his wife. When the police responded the dog, a pit bull, came running out of the house and according to the officer, lunging at him. The dog was shot and killed and our client was charged with the criminal offense of having a vicious animal.

Boria took the case to trial and before the jury was chosen the prosecutor dismissed the case.

Assault – Dismissed

A fight at a local bar in Melvindale left two people beat up and bloody. The police showed up and were quick to make arrests without getting all the facts. When we showed up to the pre trial the prosecutor’s witness was weak. After further negotiations the prosecutor dismissed the assault charges.

If you are being accused of a crime, and need Allen Park defense lawyer, contact Aaron J. Boria today 734-453-7806.