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Canton DUI Lawyer

The Canton police aggressively seek out and arrest drinking drivers. You need to hire an experienced DUI lawyer that will aggressively fight for you. Canton DUI lawyer Aaron J. Boria is knows the canton police, their prosecutor, and the judges that will preside over your matter.

Call (734) 453-7806 today to speak with drunk driving defense lawyer Aaron Boria. There are many different drinking and driving charges in Michigan.

DUI In Canton

The 35th District Court has jurisdiction over any criminal offense that occurs in Canton Michigan. The court is located on Plymouth road in Plymouth Michigan. There are three district court judges at that court, Judge Plakas, Judge Gerou, and Judge Lowe. The prosecuting attorneys who represent the police and the city are Demopoulos and Bennett, both are known for being aggressive and tough on crime.

Do not expect the police in Canton to go easy on you or to cut you any brakes, they will aggressively seek convictions. For example, the legal limit for drinking and driving in Michigan is .08, so if you are below a .08 blood alcohol level you are not breaking the law, right? Wrong. Attorney Boria has had multiple Canton drinking and driving cases where the blood alcohol level was far below a .08 and the police still arrested our client, made them sleep in a jail cell, and prosecuted them with a drunk driving offense.

Best OWI Lawyer in Canton

Luckily for our clients they hired drunk driving lawyer Aaron Boria. In one case we took the matter to trial on a .07 BAC and in less than an hour of deliberation the jury came back with a not guilty verdict.

In another matter where our client caused an accident with a very low BAC of .03 were able to get the DUI dismissed in exchange for a civil infraction.  

In another case our client blew a .06 and we were able to negotiate a disorderly person to avoid a trial, license sanctions, and a permanent mark on their driving record. 

We have also negotiated multiple felony drunk driving charges to misdemeanors. 

A drinking and driving conviction means that loss of your license, points on your driving record, the inability to enter certain countries such as Canada, huge fines and costs, and could even mean jail. 

Why You Need A DUI Lawyer

Even if you were drinking and driving your case could still be dismissed or reduced. Police must have a legal reason to pull you over and if they don’t then any information that they gather after they stop you will be suppressed, this includes evidence of your drinking.

Even if police legally pulled you over they must have a legal reason to arrest you and search you. Again, if the police do not have a legal reason to search you then any evidence they gain from the illegal search will be suppressed.

Finally, chemical testing needs to be preformed properly and if it isn’t then that evidence should be suppressed and your case dismissed.

In order to be able to spot the legal issues mentioned above, and to know what motions and arguments to make, you need an experienced DUI lawyer on your side. DUI lawyer Aaron J. Boria has handled countless drinking and driving offenses giving him the real world experience necessary to fight for you. Attorney Boria has taken advanced DUI defense training courses that keep him current on the law and sets him apart from his competition.

Call (734) 453-7806 to speak with Canton DUI lawyer, Aaron J. Boria.