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Criminal Defense Lawyer Michigan

There are all kinds of lawyers out there from personal injury lawyers, divorce lawyers, to so called general practice lawyers, , but when you are facing criminal charges you need a criminal lawyer.

Aaron J. Boria is not a personal injury lawyer, not a divorce lawyer, not even a general practice lawyer, but a criminal lawyer.

When you are facing the loss of your freedom by being locked up for months or even years in jail, and thousands of dollars in fines you need someone who knows criminal defense inside and out – you need criminal defense lawyer, Aaron J. Boria (734) 453-7806.

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Our law firm was established in 2010, and for the past decade we have successfully represented hundreds and hundreds of people against thousands of criminal charges saving them thousands upon thousands of dollars, and better yet saving them years in prison.

Prior to that, criminal defense lawyer, Aaron J. Boria honed his skills at the Washtenaw Public Defender’s Office and the Innocence Project in Lansing where they used DNA to exonerate the wrongfully accused. For more about Aaron J. Boria click here to view his bio.

Trial Lawyer

Many lawyers claim to be criminal defense lawyers but they haven’t tried a case in their lives. They may talk the talk but when it comes to winning a trial they don’t know which table to sit at. Don’t be shocked when a lawyer makes trial prices unaffordable, this is often a sign they are afraid to go to trial. 

Criminal defense lawyer, Aaron J. Boria not only tries cases but he has a winning trial record, something very few lawyers can say and even less criminal lawyers can say. When prosecutors find out who we are they know that they have a fight on their hands.

Boria attends special trainings with other advanced trial lawyers to sharpen his skills and win cases when his clients need it the most. 

Being a great trial lawyer leads to our clients to getting better deals which in turn allows many of them to avoid having to go to trial when they don’t want to. 

Boria law has won trials all over the state from felony assaults, sex crimes, DUI, and much more. 

Criminal Lawyer, Aaron J. Boria

Call our office today at (734) 453-7806 for a free consultation. We fight for our clients and we get results. Unlike some lawyers out there we put our client’s needs first, so when you need someone that will fight for you call us.