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Don’t let an Assault Land You in Jail

Even a simple assault can land you in jail for up to 93 days. A more serious assault could mean that you face up to a year or years in jail or prison, the loss of your ability to carry a firearm, obtain certain jobs or even enter certain countries. 

At Boria Law, we are happy to report that we have had multiple Not Guilty jury verdicts on assault and battery, domestic violence, and even felony assault charges. Call (734) 453-7806 for Aaron J. Boria, a real criminal defense trial lawyer.

Self Defense in an Assault Case

Most of the time our firm handles an assault and battery matter it is because alcohol is in the mix, someone couldn’t handle their booze, and the liquid courage went a little too far.

The worst part about the assault cases we defend, is that the majority of them are for the people that were defending themself, they didn’t start the fight, they were attacked by an angry drunk.

If you were charged with an assault but you were defending yourself then you are entitled to a not guilty verdict. Many people believe they can go into court and simply tell the judge, “I was defending myself” and they will be free to go; unfortunately, that is not the case.

To effectively assert a self-defense claim, you must present the defense at a trial asserting that you were acting in self-defense. At trial, the prosecuting attorney must try to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you were not acting in self-defense. This can be done by taking the stand and testifying, and it can also be by done by other witnesses testifying in such a way that shows you were acting in self-defense.

The judge will then tell jurors that they must find you not guilty if your belief that you needed to act in self-defense was reasonable.

Michigan Assault Lawyer

At the Law Office of Aaron J. Boria, PLLC, we are real criminal defense lawyers. We take cases to trial and we get Not Guilty verdicts. If you go with a lawyer that is going to get you a “good deal” you will never have an opportunity to claim you acted in self-defense and will likely end up in jail or on probation, and a permanent criminal record.

When you want to fight call our office (734) 453-7806. If you want to roll over and hope the judge goes easy on you call another lawyer.