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Drinking and Driving Lawyer – No Probation

Our client was charged with drinking and driving after she was pulled over in West Branch Michigan for swerving. Her blood alcohol level was more than 4 times the legal limit. After she hired drinking and driving lawyer, Aaron J. Boria, not only did we get her a reduction, we got her non-reporting probation. If you have been charged with drinking and driving in Michigan then you need DUI lawyer, Aaron J. Boria (734) 453-7806.

Drinking and Driving Defense Lawyer

Yes, we travel. Our client lives out here in Westland and works in Livonia, but like many of us, she loves to head north over the summer.

There probably are some good lawyers in the small local towns, but they probably do not handle the volume of criminal cases that DUI lawyer, Boria does, which means they simply do not have the experience.

Aaron J. Boria is your premier drinking and driving defense lawyer. Boria attends advanced legal training multiple times a year that other lawyers simply pass up. Also, unlike many so-called DUI lawyers, Boria actually takes these cases to juries and wins.

Drinking and Driving in Michigan

Across the state, the penalty for drinking and driving is up to 93 days in jail and a fine of up to $500 plus costs. A Super Drunk offense could land you in jail for 6 full months.

In addition to these penalties it is common for someone to be required to attend alcoholics anonymous, out-patient treatment, in-patient treatment, alcohol and drug testing, MADD seminars, alcohol education, community service, work program, and more.

If you have been charged with drinking and driving in Michigan then you need to hire a DUI lawyer that will fight for you. Call (734) 453-7806 today for a free consultation with DUI lawyer, Aaron J. Boria.