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Drinking and Driving Lawyer

It’s 4th of July Weekend and the local police, county police, and state police are out targeting drunk drivers. Increased drunk driving enforcement has been ramped up in all of Michigan’s 83 counties from now until July 12. Last year 236 drunk driving arrests were made during the 4th of July crack down.

With the added pressure on officers to make drunk driving arrests while working extra hours you can bet that mistakes will be made and many people’s rights will be violated.

If you have been arrested for drunk driving contact Michigan DUI lawyer, Aaron J. Boria (734) 453-7806. We fight drinking and driving charges. We have obtained dismissals, won trials, and saved countless people their freedom to drive.

DUI Defense Lawyer

In every drinking and driving case the police and prosecution must be able to show beyond a reasonable doubt that you were the person operating the motor vehicle, that you did so on a roadway generally accessible to the public, and your blood alcohol level was a .08 or higher at the time of driving. If the police cannot meet their burden then you are not guilty.

If the prosecution cannot prove you were operating your vehicle the case should be dismissed. If you were not on a roadway the public would normally drive on then your case should be dismissed. If your blood alcohol level was not over the legal limit then the OWI charge should be dismissed.

The prosecution must show that a stop was legal. The police cannot pull you over just because they feel like it. If you were not stopped for a legal reason then your case will be dismissed.

If you were pulled over legally, but then arrested illegally then your case will be dismissed. An illegal arrest would occur if you were arrested with out probable cause.

Finally, it is possible to challenge the chemical test that was used to obtain your blood alcohol level. If it were done improperly it is possible to get a dismissal.

DUI defense lawyer, Aaron J. Boria aggressively attacks and defends drunk driving charges all over the state of Michigan from the 35th District Court in Plymouth (our back yard) to as far as Kalamazoo with great success.

DUI First Offense

A first offense DUI carries the following penalties of up to:

93 days in jail

Fines of $500 plus the cost of probation and court fees

360 hours community service

Six points on your driving record

A license suspension for 180 days