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Livonia Man Found Not Guilty of Domestic Violence

On November 21st, at the 16th District Court, a Livonia jury found our client Not Guilty of domestic violence.

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Livonia Domestic Violence Defense

Our client’s nightmare finally came to an end when a Livonia jury found him not guilty of Domestic Violence charges.

His ex-girlfriend made multiple claims of domestic violence incidents that took place over the course of 2017 and through 2018. The two finally broke up in September of 2018 and about a month or so later the ex-girlfriend reported the alleged acts of abuse.

Here is the background:

When our client moved out of their shared apartment, he agreed to pay the ex-girlfriend money to watch his cat while he was finding a new place. All was going smoothly, but shortly after it was discovered that our client was seeing a new girl, he was no longer allowed in the apartment to take care of his cat.

When our client started asking to get his cat back a PPO was filed. Our client had to sue in court to get his cat back, and he won. After that, the two stopped communication entirely and our client thought it was over, it wasn’t.

Over the course of the next nine months or so the ex-girlfriend pushed the Wayne County Prosecutor’s office to charge our client with criminal charges she previously reported.

Our client was ultimately charged with three counts of domestic violence and two 10-year felonies of causing great bodily harm less than murder by strangulations.

The ex-girlfriend alleged that on one occasion our client broke her finger and choked her over a fight about cigarettes.

The second allegation was that our client shoved her face in cat litter and slapped her around to the point she saw stars.

The third occasion was another choking that was so intense she lost vision in her eye.

The trial was over the second incident involving the cat litter. This case came first because it did not involve a felony and was able to move through the district courts faster.

Domestic Violence Trial – Not Guilty

Judge McCann of the 16th District Court presided over the trial, who was fair and just. We could not have asked for a better trial judge.

In the opening statement, domestic violence lawyer, Aaron J. Boria, gave the jury a road map of what to expect.

We explained to the jury that the allegations were only made after our client started dating someone new. We asked the jury to consider if the accuser was truly scared and wanted our client to stay away why did she keep the cat? We asked the jury to watch out for glaring inconsistences from the multiple reports made by the accusing ex-girlfriend.

On cross-examination, we were able to get the ex-girlfriend to admit that she made multiple reports that did not contain pertinent information that she claimed almost a year after the offense.

We poked holes in the prosecution’s case by pointing out that while there were many photos there wasn’t a single picture of the accuser’s face after the attack that was described as lasting for a very long time and very intense. Additionally, the accuser claimed her dentist and others people she saw her that day asked her about her face, yet not one of these witnesses was asked to testify.

In less than one hour of deliberations, the jury found out client Not Guilty of domestic violence. 

After the trial, the jury informed us they found the accuser incredible. The story did not make since, and that the prosecutor failed to meet their burden and for those reasons they found our client not guilty.

Causing Great Bodily Harm Less Than Murder

The following day, we filed a motion to consolidate the remaining two felony charges into one single trial. Almost immediately after hitting the “submit” button we received a call from the Wayne County Prosecutor’s office with great news, the 10-year felonies would be dismissed if he would agree to the misdemeanors with an agreement of no jail. Not wanting to risk being convicted of multiple 10-year felonies our client took the deal and ran.

Domestic Violence Lawyer – Aaron J. Boria

Boria has obtained countless dismissals of domestic violence matters all over Michigan. When it comes to trial, Boria has won Not Guilty verdicts in multiple courtrooms all over the state.

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