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Michigan Minor in Possession – MIP

Michigan MIP lawyer

Don’t be fooled, Minor in Possession of Alcohol is a serious criminal offense that can land you in hot water. A conviction for MIP can affect your ability to get a job, and even your future career. MIP criminal lawyer, Aaron J. Boria is here to defend you and guide you through the process. Call (734) 453-78076.

Don’t Plead Guilty to Minor in Possession

Being dragged into court after being arrested and forced to spend the night at the police station can be scary and incredibly intimidating. The police and prosecutor and even the judge will put pressure on you to plead guilty so that their case can be closed and they can collect your money.

Yes, believe it or not money is a motivating factor here. Once you plead guilty you are now in the court system, which means you are obligated to pay fines, and costs. It also means that you will be on probation for up to two years where you will have to pay oversight fees and submit to alcohol education, drug / alcohol tests, and all at your own expense.

Your case may be defendable and even if it isn’t an MIP lawyer may still be able to put you in a better position with less probation and may be able to prevent you from having a criminal conviction on your record.

MIP Dismissed in Michigan

Recent case law has held that a minor cannot give consent to a breath test and as such you may be entitled to an outright dismissal depending on that facts of your case.

Even if a judge upholds that gathering of evidence in your case to be valid it is still possible to keep your criminal conviction suppressed to that you can still get your dream job.

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