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Northville Drunk Driving Favorable Results

Our client was charged with drunk driving in Northville, Michigan, after having drinks in downtown Plymouth and crashing into a car when she was backing out. She didn’t have her insurance on her at the time so the driver followed her home and called the police. Her blood alcohol content was more than two times the legal limit at .183 grams per 100 milliliters, putting her in the Super Drunk High BAC category.

She made the right call and contacted Northville drunk driving lawyer, Aaron J. Boria at (734) 453-7806.

Super Drunk High BAC in Northville

A conviction for the Super Drunk offense means that you could get up to six months in jail.

Mandatory license suspension for a year (in some cases you can get a restricted license after 45 days with a “blow and go” device installed on the car.

$2000.00 in driver responsibility fees

Fines close to 1000 plus costs

6 points added to your driving record

Northville Drunk Driving Lawyer

In a case such as this one, where a person crashed into another vehicle, was more than two times the legal limit, and didn’t have their insurance with them it is very difficult to get a reduction of any kind. Luckily, she had Northville criminal lawyer, Aaron J. Boria on her side.

We were able to prevent her from being convicted of leaving the scene of a property damage accident: A misdemeanor, that carries up to 93 days in jail, $500 in fines plus costs, as well as 6 points added to your driving record

We were able to prevent her from being convicted of failure to display insurance: a civil infraction punishable by fines and costs.

We were also able to get her matter reduced to impaired driving, the lowest drinking and driving offense in Michigan. She was given 6 months of reporting probation. Not a bad result with facts like that.

Impaired driving will allow our client to keep her drivers license. Her potential jail time was cut in half, but she didn’t get any anyway. Her fines were reduced by hundreds of dollars, and her driver responsibility fees were cut in half. With all the points she could have gotten, she only got 4.

Call (734) 453-7806 today to speak with Northville drunk driving lawyer, Aaron J. Boria.

Your case could be better or worse. Some cases can be dismissed, others can be won at trial, and others can be reduced. Below is what the client could have faced compared to what we obtained in her DUI matter.