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Novi District Court – Judge Law

The 52-1 District Court in Novi Michigan has had some major changes over the past two years.

Judge Brian MacKenzie is no longer at the court after losing the recent election likely due to a battle with the county prosecutor and evidence of him issuing illegal sentences. Judge Dennis Powers resigned after allegations of misconduct. For information about Judges Powers and Judge MacKenzie and their exit check out this blog post

The judges at the 52-1 Novi District Court now include Chief Judge Bondy, Judge Travis Reeds, and Judge David Law. In this article we are going to focus on Judge David Law, as he seemed to come out of nowhere and there isn’t much known about him. In the recent 2016 election, Judge Law was recollected by majority vote and has secured his position for another six years.

If you have been charged with a crime in the 52-1 District Court contact Novi criminal lawyer, Aaron J. Boria (734) 453-7806. Boria grew up in Milford Michigan, which is within the 52-1 District Court jurisdiction. Boria knows the players in the Novi District Court and has the experience other so called criminal defense lawyers lack.

Novi District Court – Judge Law

Governor Snyder appointed Judge Law to the bench in February of 2015. Judge Law lives in Commerce Township.

He is a high school graduate of Catholic Central. He obtained his Bachelors of Business Administration from Notre Dame, and his law degree from Detroit College of Law.

Prior to becoming a Judge, David Law worked for a private firm handling family law and civil matters. He was an Assistant Oakland County prosecutor and an Attorney General after the civil work. He ran for Oakland County Prosecutor but lost the election. He also served as a State Representative.

In 2015, the criminal defense community had been discussing a policy of his that the defense bar disagrees with. That policy is to refuse to accept a reduction from a drunk driving lower than the minimum drunk driving offense of Operating While Visibly Impaired. This means that if your lawyer can obtain a civil infraction for you or a reckless driving the judge will not accept the plea. This policy could force you to go to an expensive, unnecessary, and risky trial.

There is controversy regarding this policy, as some would argue that the judge is acting as a prosecutor or extension of the police.

As a State Rep he pushed for tougher drunk driving laws and wanted what has been deemed as inadmissible evidence (The Preliminary Breath Test believed to be unreliable science) to become admissible.

Some criminal lawyers believe that because of the policy Judge Law declared that he should be ineligible to preside over drunk driving cases at the 52-1 District Court because he appears to be biased.

Since Judge law took the bench we have appeared in front of him on drinking and driving cases, traffic violations, and drug crimes. In all cases Judge Law has been incredibly reasonable regarding scheduling, and sentencing

Novi District Court Lawyer

The 52-1 District Court has jurisdiction for criminal matters over the cities of Novi, South Lyon, Walled Lake and Wixom; the townships of Commerce, Highland, Lyon, and Milford; and the Village of Milford.

Novi Criminal Lawyer, Aaron J. Boria has appeared in front of all three judges and the 52-1 District Court countless times. Boria has obtained amazing results for his clients including reductions and dismissals of criminal charges.

If you are facing criminal charged at the Novi District Court call criminal lawyer, Aaron J. Boria today (734) 453-7806.