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OWI Second Dismissed – Romulus Lawyer

Our client was charged with Super Drunk after he was found asleep in the driver seat while the car was running and in gear. He was arrested for drinking and driving by the Romlulus Police and ultimately charged with the Super Drunk High BAC offense.

Our client called OWI lawyer Aaron J. Boria. Not only were we able to get the High BAC drinking and driving offense knocked all the way down to a Impaired Driving, the lowest drinking and driving offense in Michigan, but we were also able to prevent him from getting hit with the second offense DUI sanctions from the secretary of state.

If you are charged with drinking and driving contact DUI lawyer Aaron J. Boria (734) 453-7806. 

OWI Second Offense 

A second offense drunk driving is charged when their is a previous conviction within seven years of a new arrest. The penalties for OWI second are severe: 

  • A second offense drunk driving is punishable by up to a year in the county jail. Quite a bit more potential jail time than a first offense OWI which is 93 days. 
  • Mandatory 5 days minimum up front jail time
  • The fine is increased from $500 to $1,000
  • 6 points are added to your record
  • Your car has to be forfeited or immobilized 
  • Your driver license will be revoked

In this case the client had a previous drunk driving conviction from seven years prior. This meant that if convicted he would face the Secretary of State consequences of a second offense drinking and driving which would mean that his license would be revoked indefinitely. This is different from a first offense where the license is suspended or restricted but later reinstated after a period of time. 

Drinking and Driving Consequences

If convicted of the second offense he would have faced mandatory jail time, the loss of his license until he had a special hearing which cannot be done for at least a year and more.

Even if our client wasn’t facing a second offense drunk driving and was only convicted of the High BAC Super Drunk Offense our client would have faced up to 6 months in jail, hundreds of hours of community service, 6 points on his driver’s license, hefty fines, including thousands in driver responsibility fees, along with a 1-year suspension of driving. He could have gotten some driving privileges but only with a Breath Ignition Interlock Device installed on his car.

Instead, the potential jail time he will face has been cut in half. Two points will be knocked off. We will save him close to two thousand in fees alone. His license will never be suspended and he will never have to have a blow and go installed on his car.

OWI Lawyer

If you are facing drinking and driving charges then you need to contact OWI lawyer, Aaron J. Boria. We bend over backwards for our clients and we do everything we can to get them the best result possible.

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