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OWI – Super Drunk – Grosse Pointe Michigan

Below is an article written by an actual client of ours who was charged with Operating While Intoxicated High BAC greater than .17. If convicted her license would have been suspended for a year, meaning now driving whatsoever and she would face 6 months in jail.

We were able to get he charged reduced to the lowest drinking and driving offense in the state. So low that she got to keep her license, saved her thousands in fines, and reduced the points that ended up on her record. On top of all that we were able to get her non-reporting probation, something that is almost unheard of in drinking and driving cases, especially with a blood alcohol level as high as hers.

If you have been charged with drinking and driving in Michigan call Aaron J. Boria at (734) 453-7806 or email us at We are located at 472 Starkweather Street, Plymouth, MI 48170, but we travel all over the state defending those accused of DUI and more serious offenses.

Here is a real client’s take on her experience of being charged with drinking and driving and being represented by Aaron J. Boria:

Operating While Intoxicated – High BAC .17 – Super Drunk Offense

I am a 24-year-old female. I went to my best friend’s dad’s wedding in Detroit and planned to only have a few cocktails that night so I would be able to drive myself home. Indeed I did only have a few cocktails but . . . I didn’t take the 5 shots throughout the night into count. As the night went on I started to feel really good. When it was closing time I thought I was just fine. I could see straight and I was still walking straight. So I decided to try to drive home. My friends did not want me to drive and tried to tell me not to, I should have listened. They tried to take my keys from me, and when I had a chance to take off I did. Thinking ‘I am the best drunk driver’ and ‘it will never happen to me’ I put my navigation system to home and started driving.

Realizing I needed to get gas, I got off of the freeway to find a gas station. While still driving I was trying to type gas stations in my GPS. I noticed the flashing lights in my review mirror. I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me. I pulled over shut my car off and rolled the window down. The cop started creeping up like I had a gun or something. I was beyond the point of terrified. The cop starts questioning me, tells me to get out of the car. He tells me I was doing 50 in a 35. Asked me where I was, I thought I was almost back to Plymouth. The cop tells me I’m in Grosse Pointe of all places. I feel like such an idiot.

He told me to get out of the car and asked me to start a sobriety test and when asked to stand on one foot I failed horribly. I attempted to do what he asked and failed. I told him that I don’t think I will be able to do it. He told me that I need to try again, and again I tried and failed. I told him, “I’m sorry I can’t do it, I know I shouldn’t have been drinking”. And that’s when the water works started; I admit I cried like a baby. It was humiliating and at this point, I was so mad that I decided to drive. After blowing a BAC of .20 I was taken to jail.

This occurred on a weekend so I was scared to not have someone post bond because I did not want to be sitting in that stinky cold police station until Monday. Getting the finger print process was very annoying as they got a new machine and no one mastered how to use it yet. It seemed like everything we had to do took hours to complete. I was very lucky to have my father post bond for me later that day.

That Monday I made a list of things to ask lawyers. I started searching for lawyers both close to my house and in Grosse Pointe Farms. I have never had to search for a lawyer before so I didn’t know what to expect. After speaking with several lawyers, there were only a few that I felt would both financial and professionally help me with my case. After speaking with Aaron Boria I could tell he was going to be one of my top choices. Other lawyers knew what to ask and certain information to give me, but Aaron really went into detail about what I should expect with charges from court and costs. He was able to answer my long list of questions. I liked that he was experienced with the Grosse Pointe Farms court even though he was all the way out in Plymouth near my home. I asked him if he thought it would be more beneficial for me to choose a lawyer in Grosse Pointe Farms because they would know more about how their system worked. He said that it was totally my choice and he can give me a contact number of a lawyer he really liked and trusted out there. Can you believe that? This lawyer was wiling to give me a competitor’s information. It made me feel that Aaron was really confident in how own ability. I really liked the person he recommended me to but he was way out of my price range. He also had all the same advice and knowledge that Aaron had. So I chose Aaron to represent me.

I was charged with the “Super Drunk” law because my blood alcohol was so high. This meant that I could have my license restricted for 45 days and after have the interlock installed in my car. Or just loose it for a year. Jail time could have been up to six months. I started to think, what would I do without my license. I have a child how do I get her to and from school, myself to and from work.

Aaron recommended that I went to a few AA meetings, at least 6 hours of community service and had a drug and alcohol evaluation done before my first court appearance. I visited a councilor who referred me to Impact Weekend for my evaluation. Aaron was able to get my arraignment date waived so the arraignment and pretrial could be together. Before my sentencing I saw my PO and she wanted me to complete six AA meetings and an Impact Weekend, both things I had already done. She also told me it would look really good to have all my fines paid in full on the day of sentencing. With everything asked from my PO completed plus 9 hours of community service and being able to pay my fines in full, Aaron had my charge reduced to the lowest offence possible. The sentence included a 90-day restricted license, so I could still drive to work, one year of non-reporting probation and random drug and alcohol testing. I felt so relieved that I didn’t have to worry about losing my license nor jail time. I know that hiring Aaron Boria as my attorney was a great choice because without him I highly doubt I would have been able to get my “Super Drunk” charge reduced to the least offense.