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Should I hire a Lawyer – Michigan

I am often asked, “Should I hire a lawyer?” It would be self-serving for me to say yes, so I’ll put it this way, I would never let my mother, go to court without a lawyer.

You should absolutely hire a lawyer. When someone cannot afford my services I will give them the name of someone they may be able to afford or encourage them to go with the public defender.

Should I Hire a Lawyer?

I don’t care how smart you may think you are, even if this was your sixth time through the court system it doesn’t hold a candle to how many cases the prosecutor has won that morning, or number of defendants the judge has put in jail. As an intern, I handled at least 30 cases my first morning. The 20-something-year-old intern has more experience then the East Side gangbanger.

You have done your job – you got arrested, so now it’s time to let the person with the Juris Doctor degree to take over. (If you do not know what that is then all the more reason to hire a lawyer)

The worst lawyer out there still has around seven years of schooling and more experience than you.

The judge, and the prosecutor are both lawyers, you need a lawyer representing you.

A local judge here in the community of Plymouth at the 35th district court consistently quotes president Lincoln when defendants think they are going to represent themselves, the quote goes, “A man who is his own lawyer has a fool for a client”, which means that if you represent yourself you are a fool.

It has been our experience that people who have a lawyer represent them results in better treatment from the judicial system, better deals, and a smoother experience.

We have never witnessed a situation where it was a good idea for a person to represent himself or herself, and we have never seen a criminal case where a defendant in pro per won a case.

You wouldn’t perform a medical operation on yourself, you would hire a doctor, and you wouldn’t preform your own root canal you would hire a dentist, so when you are looking at jail time, losing a license, and being marked a criminal for the rest of your life do not be a “fool” – GET A LAWYER!

Does hiring a lawyer make me look guilty?

Absolutely Not! Even people that are completely innocent know to hire a lawyer. Hiring a lawyer makes you look smart. Not only is hiring a lawyer a good idea, but prosecutors and judges would rather deal with a lawyer than you. Think about it, prosecutors and judges are lawyers and having a lawyer represent you creates judicial efficiency.

Don’t incriminate yourself

When you speak for yourself you run the risk of committing perjury or disclosing facts or evidence that could lead to your own conviction. When a lawyer speaks for you that won’t happen. 

You have an absolute constitutional right against self-incrimination – use it! Will you know how to answer the judges, prosecutors, and police officer’s tough questions? Odds are the smartest person will find them self in a predicament when representing themselves.

Should I use the public defender?

If you can afford a lawyer then hands down you should hire them and here is why.

It’s not that all public defenders are bad, after all they went to law school and took the bar exam and passed. However many are using appointed cases to cut their teeth and you don’t want to be a guinea pig. Other public defenders are over worked and incredibly underpaid, which means many have little motivation to work on your case or the time.

The other downside with having a public defender is that many times you will hardly every see them. Many will not take your call and you don’t get a chance to discuss your case with them because they have more cases then they should. In the public defender system there is a term “meet em and plead em” this is because in many counties your public defender will only have 7 minutes to meet with you and then will talk you into a plea.

Not All Lawyers Are Created Equal

Just like anything, some people are better at their craft then others so make sure you seek more than one opinion and hire the person that not only do you believe in their skill and track record, but also you can easily communicate with them.

No doubts about it, some lawyers are snakes. Any lawyer that makes you a guarantee is likely a slimy piece of shit. Unprofessional? No, once again just the blatant truth! Be aware of the old guy in Oakland County who quotes some massive retainer and then claims that because you are friend of cousin bobby he’s only going charge you half and is still going get you off.

Criminal Defense Lawyer, Aaron J. Boria

If you have been charged with a criminal offense you don’t need a good lawyer, you need a great lawyer, regardless if you believe you are innocent or guilty as sin. Defense attorney Aaron J. Boria has a proven trial record, with thousands of hours of legal experience. Call (734) 453-7806 today for a free consultation.

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