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What is Assault and Battery?

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The Legal Definition of an Assault:

An assault charge, like any criminal charge, is made up of elements. The prosecutor, that is the lawyer against you who wants you to go to convict you, must prove each and every element beyond a reasonable doubt. If the prosecutor fails to prove any of the charges you must be found not guilty.

  1. You made someone believe that you were going to make contact with them in an offensive manner or cause something to come into contact with them in an offensive manner.
  2. You had the ability to make contact with them or make something contact them.
  3. You carried out the threat and either made contact with them or made them think they were going to be physically contacted.
  4. It was your intention to make contact with them or put them in fear of being physically contacted.

Im using the word “contact” rather than many other words that would describe a punch, hit, kick, slap, etc., because under the law, simply pushing someone legally amounts to an assault. 

Defending Assault Charges in Michigan

There are many ways to defend against assault and battery charges. Every case is different so your case may have a different defense then the defenses listed below.

If you never intended to hit any one, and an accident caused someone to get hit or caused him or her to be in fear of getting hit then you are not guilty of assault.

If you were attacked, or about to be attacked, and you acted in self-defense then you are not guilty of assault.

If another person, even a perfect stranger, was being attacked and you jumped in swinging to save them then you are not guilty. The defense of another is a defense to assault in Michigan.

Perhaps the victim made the entire thing up.

Perhaps someone else assaulted the victim and you were misidentified.

There are many other defenses to assault, but these are some very common ones.

Assault and Battery Lawyer

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