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$100,00.00 Embezzlement Charge Dismissed and More

This was a really interesting theft crime case that involved multiple codefendants and over $150,000.00, the case lasted several months and was finally resolved for our client this morning. Our office represented one of the three co-defendants. Our client was charged with Embezzlement over $100,000.00, Larceny in a Building, and Retail Fraud.

Without getting to far into the facts of the case here is a brief synopsis: Our client worked at Meijer. Two other individuals used a faulty credit card to purchase over $150,000.00 worth of merchandise over a two-day period. The card did not actually have the funds available and Meijer was never actually paid. The level of culpability of our client was questionable.

Theft Crime Penalties

Even though our client had never been convicted of a crime in the past he was facing a maximum possible penalty of up to 20 years in prison for the embezzlement, up to 5 years for the retail fraud, and 4 years the larceny in a building. Potential fines on top of any restitution could exceed $65,000.00.

Embezzlement Charge Dismissed in Wayne County Circuit Court

Not only were we able we able to get the $100,000.00 embezzlement charge dismissed but we were also able to get the larceny in a building charge dismissed as well. Our client was able to take advantage of a one-count plea deal, which would also make him eligible for an expungement.

The sentencing agreement we worked out promised no drug testing, no alcohol testing, and most impotently no jail. Given the severity of the crime, and the potential prison time our client was facing this was truly a great result.

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