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Disturbing the Peace Dismissed Allen Park

Our client was charged with disturbing the peace after being involved in an altercation at the Meijer’s in Allen Park. After numerous negotiations with the prosecutor we were able to get him to finally agree to dismiss the case.

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Disturbing the Peace in Allen Park

It isn’t uncommon for police to charge disturbing the peace when they either do not know who to charge or when they are not willing to leave a scene without charging someone.

In this particular case, the police report alleges that our client and another individual got into an altercation, the police were called and both were charged.

Disturbing the peace has man defenses because it can interfere with freedom of speech and a police officer cannot create a scene and then charge disturbing the peace.

Michigan Criminal Attorney

In order to obtain the dismissal our client had to agree that her arrest was legal. She was not willing to agree to that and so we are still headed to a winnable trial at the end of next month.

The matter will be heard at the 24th District Court in Allen Park. Judge Courtright will preside over the matter. We selected a jury so a group of people from Allen Park and Melvindale will decide the matter rather than the judge.

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