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Domestic Violence – Felonious Assault – 24th District Court

In our most recent success, our client was charged with assault with a weapon, also referred to as felonious assault, and domestic violence in the Allen Park District Court. In the end we were able to get the case knocked down to disorderly conduct where our client would do nothing more than pay a fine.

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Felonious Assault Charges

Our client was living at his house with his live-in girlfriend and her son. He and the son did not get a long. The two of them begun arguing, one thing lead to another and ultimately our client was accused of throwing objects at the girlfriends son.

The Allen Park police were called and they arrested our client.

Felonious assault is charged when there is an assault or battery with a dangerous weapon. An assault occurs when a person is accused of threatening to hit a person, the person is aware of it, and it appears that the person accused has that ability to carry out hitting the person.

A battery occurs when the assault is carried out and the person is hit. A battery doesn’t have to be an actual punch, but can be as simple as a push or even a grab.

A dangerous weapon has a very broad definition under felonious assault. Some things are naturally dangerous weapons under the law like guns, bombs, knives, etc.

The law has held that other items to be dangerous weapons when they are used in a manner that was intended as a weapon such as aerosol cans.

In this case, our client was accused of throwing multiple objects at our client and hitting him with them.

If convicted of felonious assault our client would have faced up to four years in prison, a fine of $6,000.00, and 150 hours of community service.

Domestic Violence

A person can be charged with domestic violence when an assault and battery occurred with a family member, someone you were in a dating relationship with, or someone you live with.

In this case, our client was living with the girlfriend’s son so the family element was met. The assault element was met when our client was accused of hitting the son with objects our client was throwing.

Had our client been convicted of domestic violence he would have faced up to 93 days in jail, hefty fines, and community service.

24th District Court – Allen Park Court

The 24th District Court has jurisdiction over both Allen Park and Melvindale and is located in Allen Park on 6515 Roosevelt Ave.

There are two judges at the 24th District Court and they are Judge Page, and Chief Judge Courtright.

The court handles misdemeanor criminal cases as well as felonies at the preliminary exam level.

Another lawyer originally represented our client before Aaron J. Boria was his attorney. The case had been delayed a few times before we took the matter over. It was currently set for exam. If the judge found that there was probably cause that a crime was committed and our client committed it then his case would be set downtown to the circuit court, The Frank Murphy Hall of Justice.

We were able to get the prosecutor to dismiss both the felonious assault charge and the domestic violence charge in exchange for a no contest plea to disorderly conduct. The penalty we were able to workout with the judge was nothing more than a fine, he doesn’t even have to report for probation. That’s right, our client went from facing a 4-year felony to leaving the court with nothing more than a fine.

Assault Lawyer

If you are facing assault charges or domestic violence in the 24th District Court or anywhere else in Michigan contact Michigan criminal, Aaron J. Boria.

Boria has obtained countless dismissals as well as not guilty verdicts for those charged with assault and other criminal offenses. We fight for our clients and we get results that other attorneys simply cannot.