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Domestic Assault Dismissal

Our client was charged with three counts of domestic assault. Two of the charges were in Detroit’s 36th District Court, and one of the charges was in West Bloomfield’s 48th District Court.

Our client worked for the Federal Government as an officer where he was required to carry a gun at work. A conviction for domestic assault would mean that our client would lose the right to carry a firearm and ultimately would cost him his job.

We were able to get all of the cases dismissed so that our client could continue to carry a gun at work and keep his job that he loves so much.

Domestic Assault Charges – Michigan

To date, criminal lawyer, Aaron J. Boria has won every domestic assault case he has taken to trial. In many other cases, such as the case mentioned above, Boria has been able to negotiate a dismissal on behalf.

The biggest issue that we see in domestic assault charges is that there is rarely any witness other than the accuser, and many times the accuser is lying. This means it is our job to find the truth and show the jury, judge, and prosecuting attorney when someone is lying.

Another major issue we see is that police tend to side with one party very quickly, and as a result they do not do a through investigation, and if they had they would have found out that the person they arrested was actually acting in self-defense.

Domestic Assault Lawyer

In order to win cases we make sure to thoroughly investigate the complaint in every domestic assault case. There are always two sides to every story. Some domestic assault cases are won simply because the accuser is a liar, in others because the person arrested was actually defending themselves, but it takes a through investigation to get to the truth.

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Even in cases where you believe you are guilty it is still very possible that we can obtain a dismissal for your domestic assault matter.