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Domestic Violence in Plymouth

If the police came to your home because your partner or family member accused you of assault then it is likely that you were arrested and taken to jail and charged with domestic assault.

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In some situations the police will allow you to leave on a bond and in other situations you may have been held until a judge or magistrate could arraign you and set a bond.

If you have been charged with domestic violence in Plymouth your case will be heard at the 35th District Court in Plymouth. One of three judges will preside over the matter, Judge Gerou, Judge Plakas, or Judge Lowe.

Domestic Violence 35th District Court Procedure

If a judge or magistrate did not arraign you then your first court appearance will be for an arraignment. The judge will officially tell you what you have been charged with and what the maximum possible penalty is by reading the complaint.

In a minor domestic violence case the maximum penalty is up to 93 days in jail plus fines and costs. Second offenses, and felonies carry a greater possibility of jail time and the possibility of prison.

Bond will be discussed after the judge reads the complaint for domestic violence. Bond is a promise to return to the court and sometimes may require you to post money.

Bond may also come with conditions, such as not returning to your home or having contact with the person that accused you of domestic violence. Violating your bond, for even the most innocent reason, could result in forfeiting your bond money and being held in jail while the case is resolved, which could take months. 

Plymouth Domestic Violence Lawyer

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Even if you believe you are guilty it is possible that we may still be able to get your case dismissed or suppressed from public record so you don’t lose you job.

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