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Domestic Violence Plymouth Michigan

If you or a loved one have been charged with domestic violence in Plymouth Michigan, contact criminal defense lawyer, Aaron J. Boria (734) 453-7806.

Criminal defense lawyer Aaron J. Boria has never lost a domestic violence trial. Many of the domestic violence cases we handle are dismissed without ever going to trial.

Domestic Violence in Plymouth

If you are charged with domestic violence in Plymouth, or any other crime, your case will be heard at the 35th District Court in Plymouth, less than a mile from our office.

There are three judges at the 35th District Court: Judge Plakas, Judge Gerou, and Judge Lowe, one of them will preside over your case.

We have appeared in front of every judge in that courthouse and won. When you need an experienced lawyer, call criminal lawyer, Aaron J. Boria. 

Domestic Violence Charges

Domestic Violence is an assault and battery with the addition of a close personal relationship.

This means that the prosecutor must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you: 1. Intended to put someone in fear of an imminent battery, 2. That you had the ability to batter the person, 3. That you either did batter them or you did put them in fear of an imminent battery, and 4. That you had a close personal relationship with them.

A close personal relationship means someone you live with, someone you are dating or married to or was at some point, or a family member.

For more information about Domestic Violence defense click here.

Domestic Violence Lawyer

Domestic Violence cases can be defended. If any single one of the above elements are not proven beyond a reasonable doubt then you must be found not guilty. If your actions were accidental or by mistake then you must be found not guilty.

Criminal lawyer, Aaron J. Boria fights for his clients and he gets the results! We have represented men, women, and teenagers in domestic violence matters successfully.

For a free consultation call (734) 453-7806 for a free consultation.