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Drinking and Driving Sentencing in Novi

This past week a client of ours was sentenced on a drinking and driving offence. Originally he was charged with Operating While Intoxicated but after negotiations with the prosecuting attorney the charge was dropped to an Operating While Visibly Impaired. Probation recommended an incredibly harsh sentence, which is no surprise at the 52-1 District Court. However, the result after criminal lawyer, Aaron J. Boria spoke with the job was a much different result.

Sentencing on a DUI

If you have been convicted of a first offense drinking and driving in the 52-1 District Court you could be looking at the following penalties:

Two Years on Probation

Up to 93 Days in Jail

Fines and Costs

AA/NA Mandatory Meetings

Daily Drug and Alcohol Testing

Interlock Device Installed on your Vehicle

Inpatient/Outpatient Counseling

Drug and Alcohol Education

Community Service

Jail Work Program

In the case mentioned above, probation recommended 18 months on supervised probation, an interlock device installed on the vehicle with daily alcohol testing, weekly AA meetings, and outpatient counseling. After criminal lawyer, Aaron J. Boria spoke with the judge probation was reduced down to 12-months, no other recommendation was followed by the judge.

The judge ordered random alcohol testing and 35 hours of community service, not a bad result at the 52-1 District Court, a court known for being overly harsh with an overly harsh probation department.

Drinking and Driving Lawyer

If you are facing drinking and driving charges at the 52-1 District Court in Novi contact drinking and driving lawyer, Aaron J. Boria (734) 453-7806.

Even if you believe you are guilty and the evidence against you is overwhelming drinking and driving lawyer, Aaron J. Boria can get you a great result! It may even be possible to get your charges reduced or even dismissed.