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Driver License Restored Northville Michigan

Our client was on a restricted license with interlock through the secretary of state. Without warning, she was revoked once again after an allegation of a major violation and told that she would have to appear at the Michigan Secretary of State Driver Assessment Appeal Division for a hearing to prove her innocence. 

The result after she called Michigan driver license lawyer, Aaron J. Boria? Her driver license was reinstated.

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Michigan Secretary of State Driver License Lawyer

Our client had previously called us to have her license restored. Her license was originally revoked for having two drinking and driving offenses within seven years.

We were able to restore her license and she was granted restricted driving privileges with a breath alcohol ignition interlock device or BAIID. She was eligible for a full license after one year with the device on her car as long as she did not have any violation.

Unfortunately, she “blew dirty” as they say, and had a positive alcohol test on the interlock device. Once the Breath Alcohol Ignition Interlock Device reported that she had been drinking alcohol she was called into the Michigan Secretary of State Driver Assessment and Appeal Division to prove she wasn’t drinking. It turned out she had accidently consumed alcohol when she took a drink of a soda that had alcohol mixed into unbeknownst to her.

We were able to present evidence that she had been maintaining sobriety. We also presented evidence from friends that our client was unaware of the alcohol being added to the soda and that consumption of it was unintentional.

Her license was reinstated and she is now back on track to get her full driver license privileges restored.

Michigan Driver Assessment and Appeal Division Lawyer

If your license has been revoked for two or more drinking and driving offenses you will have to appear in front of the Michigan Driver Assessment and Appeal Division for a hearing. You will have to show by clear and convincing evidence that you are staying sober from both drugs and alcohol for more than a year and are going to stay sober for the rest of your life.

Our law firm is concrete in establishing this evidence and obtaining licenses. Call (734) 453-7806 for a free consultation.