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DUI Lawyer gets another Not Guilty Verdict

This past Friday, at the 35th District Court in Plymouth, a jury returned a not guilty verdict for a man charged with the drinking and driving offense of Operating While Visibly Impaired. The judge that presided over the matter was Judge Ronald Lowe. The jury returned the verdict of Not Guilty in less than two hours after a one-day trial.

Michigan Operating While Visibly Impaired

Operating While Visibly Impaired, or OWVI for short, is often charged as a lesser offense of Operating While Impaired (OWI). In OWVI the prosecution does not have to prove that the person was .08 grams of alcohol per 100 milliliters of blood as they would in OWI. Instead, the prosecutor has to show that the person’s ability to operate a motor vehicle was lessened due to the consumption of alcohol. A seemingly easy burden for the prosecution difficult to rebut by defense, but nonetheless, in this case it was rebutted and the jury saw the truth and returned the correct verdict.

In this particular case, according to the Canton Police officer, our client was stopped for stopping at a flashing yellow light and crossing the median. When we reviewed the in car video with the jury it was clear that the client never stopped, and it could not be determined if the client crossed the median from the angle of the video but the turn was incredibly wide away from the alleged median.

The officer claimed that our client failed the field sobriety tests; however, it was clear to us that he passed. Obviously, the jury agreed.

Michigan DUI Lawyer

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