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Our client was charged with Operating While Intoxicated after a hit and run accident.  If you are facing a drinking and driving offense of a hit and run you need to call Boria Law - Criminal Defense Attorney (734) 453-8907.  At the

Nothing gets your heart racing quite like being stopped by the police. Even if you know you weren’t doing anything wrong a police encounter can be an incredibly stressful situation. When police approach you they have their hand on their gun,

A recent client wanted to share her experience of her drunk driving arrest. Aaron J. Boria did not edit this letter in anyway, this is her recollection of the events and her experience of the arrest, and court experience. --- I will

Our client was in Brighton waiting in line to get a coffee when another driver decided that he was going to cut the line of cars waiting to order their coffee. When he cut into the line he was flicking

The Livonia police were out on patrol when they saw our client driving near Farmington Road at around 2 AM. Our client’s vehicle matched the description of another vehicle that had reportedly been involved in a series of thefts. Looking

This past Friday, at the 35th District Court in Plymouth, a jury returned a not guilty verdict for a man charged with the drinking and driving offense of Operating While Visibly Impaired. The judge that presided over the matter was