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DUI Lawyer Livonia

It is that time of year again, the holidays, which also means increased DUI police patrols starting Thanksgiving, and continuing through Christmas, New Years, and all the way to the Super Bowl.

If you are arrested for drinking and driving you need to call  DUI Lawyer Aaron J. Boria. Call (734) 453-7806. 

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DUI at the Livonia District Court

If you were arrested for a DUI in Livonia your case will be heard at the 16th District Court. The 16th District Court is located in Livonia on Five Mile Road just east of Farmington Road.

There are two judges at the 16th district court and they are Judges Kathleen McCann and Judge Sean Kavanagh. There are also magistrates that handle arraignments and other small matters, but if you were charged with drinking and driving one of the two judges will hear your case.

The Wayne County Prosecutor’s office, or the Livonia City Attorney will be prosecuting you. 

The 16th District Court judges, probation, and prosecutors are known for being tough on crime and especially tough on drinking and driving offenses.

Livonia DUI Lawyer

If you have been charged with drinking and driving you need an attorney who knows how to fight a DUI.

There are three main ways to legally challenge drinking and driving offense.

The first is to challenge the stop. If the police did not have a legal reason to stop you then your case will be dismissed.

If the police illegally arrested you then your case may result in a dismissal.

Finally, if the chemical testing is not preformed properly then your case could be dismissed.

Even if the police followed the law perfectly it is still possible that your case could be won at a trial by judge or jury. If the judge or jury does not believe you were over the legal limit they could find you not guilty.

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