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False Positive for Marijuana – Myths Busted

Probation Violation

You have pled guilty to a criminal offense and are now on probation. Part of your probation requires that you drug test and abstain from any drugs including marijuana. Your initial tests are positive but your THC levels (metabolite levels) are decreasing or fluctuating and eventually hit zero. All of a sudden, despite your non-use, you test positive for marijuana use. Your probation officer doesn’t believe you and you have been told that you will be violated and have to go in front of the judge.

Marijuana False Positive

It is a myth that people do not text positive for marijuana after 30 days. One clinical test conducted under strict supervised abstinence found heavy users could test at 20 ng/ml or above for as many as 46 days.

A spike in testing does NOT mean the person is using marijuana again. The compound accumulates in body fat and is excreted intermittently over long periods of time, this is a pharmacokinetic pattern and should be expected, especially those who are over weight to obese. Food deprivation, and stress can result in the decomposition of fat leading to the release of THC from fat into blood creating a false positive.

It is a myth that negative tests followed by a positive test for marijuana is indication of new drug use. The negative-gap phenomenon has illustrated that heavy, or chronic, users of marijuana have been shown, in clinical studies, to test positive from one month up to around 100 days after the last use.

Criminal Defense Lawyer

If you are facing a probation or bond violation you need a criminal lawyer that understands the science, can educate the court and bust the myths created by the prosecution and probation.

Remember, a violation of probation can result in the maximum amount of jail time for the offense you are serving probation for. A bond violation can result in the loss of your bond money, owing bond money, and being forced to stay in jail until your matter has been resolved.

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