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Felony Conviction Erased Wayne County

Our client is no longer a felon after we erased his old felony from his record. Start the process of expunging your criminal record today. Call Expungement lawyer, Aaron J. Boria (734) 453-7806. 

In 1997, our client was charged with Home Invasion in the Second Degree, and Receiving and Concealing Stolen Property in excess of $100.00. Both charges were felonies. He took the matter to trial and was acquitted of the Home Invasion charge and found guilty on the Receiving and Concealing charge.

As a result, our client was branded a felon for life. This meant that he couldn’t own a gun, jobs were scarce, and he couldn’t even enter Canada.

He made the right decision and called Michigan expungement lawyer, Aaron J. Boria (734) 453-7806. Within a few short weeks of being hired we were able to erase his criminal conviction.

Expunging a Felony in Michigan

Fast-forward about 20 years later, and our client is still haunted by his criminal past. Having a felony on your record and being deemed a felon can be a major hindrance on job opportunities, getting loans, and professional licenses.

Expunging a felony means that your criminal record is erased. To the public, it is as if it never happened. You have absolutely no obligation to disclose that you were ever convicted of a crime.

How to get an Expungement

We are happy to provide a free consultation over the phone to determine if you are eligible for an expungement. This way you aren’t out of a whole lot of money to be told you are not eligible to have your criminal record set aside.

For more information about being eligible for an expungement in Michigan click here. The basic rule for expunging a felony is that it has to be the only felony on your record, so if you have more than one felony you are not eligible for an expungement. Misdemeanors are different, you can have up to two misdemeanors on your record and still expunge your felony. If you do not have a felony you can expunge up to two misdemeanors. Not all offenses can be expunged so click the link above for more information. 

Once we have determined that you meet the legal requirements to have your record set aside we began the process. The file and certified documents must be obtained from the court that has jurisdiction over your conviction. A request is then sent to the Michigan State Police. Once results from Michigan State Police come back the documents are filed with the court and served on the Prosecutor and Attorney General. A court date is set and we appear for oral arguments.

In this case, the matter was handled in Wayne County, at the Frank Murphy Hall of Justice in Downtown Detroit. Our client’s petition to have his criminal record set aside was granted on the spot. He was incredibly grateful and even gave Aaron a giant hug.

Expungement Lawyer

You can find the new expungement laws here, but they are long and confusing. Let Boria Law make the expungement process simple for you. 

If you have a criminal conviction that is still haunting you contact our office today for a free consultation. We make the process quick and easy. You are updated every step of the way and not left in the dark. Call (734) 453-7806 today!