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New Expungement Law Michigan

Great news! The expungement laws have changed! If you legally could not get an expungement in the past you may now be eligible due to a chance that just happened this year.

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Expungement in Michigan

It used to be that you could only expunge one offense from your record and that offense could be the only offense you have on your record with the exception of having to minor violations prior to the age of 21.

The law has changed and now the following applies:

  1. A person convicted of not more than 1 felony and not more than 2 misdemeanors may petition to set aside the felony.
  1. A person convicted of not more than 2 misdemeanor offenses may petition to set aside 1 or both misdemeanors.
  1. A person convicted of CSC 4 (MCL 750.520e) before 1/12/15 may petition to set aside the conviction if the individual has not been convicted of another offense, other than 2 minor offenses.
  1. A person convicted of prostitution may set that offense aside if they committed the offense as a direct result of human trafficking.

If you received a deferral such as one for MIP, 7411, HYTA, 769,4a it will count as a misdemeanor against you.

  1. A felony where the max punishment is life in prison cannot be expunged.
  1. CSC is not expugnable with the exception of CSC 4 that occurred after this new law came into affect.
  1. Drinking and driving cannot be expunged.
  1. Felony domestic violence cannot be expunged if the person has a previous misdemeanor domestic violence conviction.
  1. Violation for human trafficking.

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Michigan Expungement Lawyer

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