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New Expungement Law Michigan

Great news! The expungement laws have changed! If you legally could not get an expungement in the past you may now be eligible due to a change in the law that just happened this year.

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2022 Michigan Expungement Law

It used to be that you could only expunge one offense from your record and that offense had to be the only offense on your record.

Around 2015, Michigan law changed and expanded so that you could have a felony expunged even if you had a misdemeanor on your record. 

In 2021, Michigan law changed again and expanded further to allow for up to three felonies and an unlimited number of misdemeanors to be expunged. 

The most recent update took affect this year, in 2022, and expanded Michigan law further adding drunk driving to offenses to the list of expungeable offenses. 

Expungement Limitations

There are still some limitations as to what can and cannot be set aside in Michigan:

  • For driving under the influence offenses such as operating while intoxicated or driving on drugs, you can only expunge one of these offenses and it has to be the only offense on your record. You cannot expunge DUI offenses where someone was injured or if the offenses is child endangerment. 
  • A felony where the max punishment is life in prison cannot be expunged.
  • Certain child abuse charges. 
  • Felony domestic violence if there is a prior domestic violence offense.
  • Most CSC offenses (CSC 4 prior to January 12, 2015 can be set aside)
  • Any offense where the punishment is life in prison.
  • Multiple felonies for the same offense if it is punishable by more than 10 years in prison. 
  • Human trafficking offenses. 

For a more complete list, including timelines for setting aside a criminal conviction follow this link: expungements in Michigan click here.

Michigan Expungement Lawyer

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