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Felony Drug Charges Dismissed – Plymouth

Our client was charged with possession of cocaine, a serious drug crime that is a 4-year felony at the 35th District Court in Plymouth. Our client was facing serious time as a habitual offender. When the case was done the felony was kicked along with the habitual offender notice. 

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Drug Crime Lawyer – Plymouth

Judge Plakas presided over the matter. Plakas is known for being one of the tougher judges at the 35th District Court. Our client had a prior felony and would be charged as habitual offender, second. He was also charged with driving on a suspended license, second offense. These charges, along with his criminal history meant that jail time would be required by Michigan sentencing guidelines.

Luckily for the client, he called Michigan criminal lawyer, Aaron J. Boria (734) 453-7806. We were able to get the felony charge kicked, and even get the misdemeanor traffic matter reduced, so his case stayed in 35th District Court, rather than the circuit court to proceed on the felony, and the Michigan guidelines demanding jail no longer applied.

Our client even violated his bond during this process. The probation agent reviewing the matter wanted him to sit in jail while he awaited sentence. We convinced the judge to keep him out.

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Possession of Controlled Substance

If you are charged with possession of controlled substance, even for less than a gram, you are   facing a 4-year felony for a first offense. 

Possessing an amount greater than 25 grams will result in stiffer charges with a higher possible penalty. Plus, it is more likely that manufacture and delivery will be added with the more substance you have and depending on other factors.

Will I go to Jail for a Drug Charge?

Any time you are charged with a crime you are facing the possibility of jail time. In this particular case Michigan Department of Correction guidelines applied because it was a felony. In any felony case, a person’s prior criminal history is taken into account along with facts from the case they are accused of. Based on these factors, a range will be produced. If the number is between 0-12 you could serve up to 12 months in county jail or a term of probation, 12 or more and you are looking at prison time.

A recent change in the law has made the Michigan sentencing guidelines persuasive but not mandatory. Many times probation has recommend that our clients serve a jail term and we have been able to convince judges to give them a chance on probation. 

Michigan Drug Crime Lawyer

If you have are facing criminal charges for drug crimes or anything else contact Michigan drug crime lawyer, Aaron J. Boria. We fight for our clients and we get results! (734) 453-7806.