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Forfeiture Seizure Lawyer Michigan

We are happy to announce that our client had close to $2,000.00 returned to him that was taken by police. Police stopped our client and ultimately had his property taken. Our client made the right call and called (734) 453-7806 and hired criminal defense lawyer, Aaron J. Boria.

Property Taken By Police

Our client was from Illinois and was up here in Michigan to go camping and fishing with his friends. The police officer pulled our client over for a license plate obstruction, this is a common excuse police use to harass drivers to make a stop to investigate for DUI or drugs.

The officer was from DRANO, Downriver Area Narcotics Organization, a group of police focused on drug crimes. Amongst criminal defense practitioners, DRANO is known for enforcing the law by coming dangerously close to crossing the line of violating the law.

In this particular case it was criminal defense lawyer, Aaron J. Boria’s position that the DRANO officer violated our client’s rights. While this case was resolved without a judge we still believe we were in the right because the Wayne County Prosecutor agreed to the return of almost $2,000.00.

Forfeiture Lawyer Michigan

Police for Profit seems to be the trend these days. Westland police seem to make plenty seizures of vehicles on misdemeanor marijuana cases where it just shouldn’t happen. Legal extortion by the government is what seizure and forfeiture laws seem to allow.

The law says that police are allowed to forfeit anything of value under the claim that the property was obtained with proceeds of a crime (drug money usually). There is no requirement that police obtain a conviction in order to take your property. In our particular case, our client was never charged with a crime.

If your things have been taken, and you believe the police are harassing you then you need criminal defense lawyer, Aaron J. Boria. We aggressively fight for our clients and we will not tolerate police violating the law. Click here to view Aaron J. Boria’s Bio.

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