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I Was Arrested, Now What?

Being arrested is terrifying. All kinds of questions being to swirl through your mind, “What is going to happen to me?”, Am I going to go to jail?”, Will I lose my job?”, Will my family and friends find out?”. 

Call a lawyer, not just any lawyer, call a criminal defense lawyer that has handled case after case, arrest after arrest and can confidently guide you through the process. Call Aaron J. Boria (734) 453-7806. 

A great criminal defense attorney can navigate you through the court process, relieve some stress, and provide some guidance to the unknown.

Michigan criminal lawyer, Aaron J. Boria has successfully represented hundreds and hundreds clients, saving them there professional licenses, driver license, thousands of dollars, and most importantly, saving them from years in jail. Call (734) 453-7806 today for a free consultation.

Should I Hire a Lawyer If I am Guilty?

Many people have said to me, I am guilty, I did the crime, should I still hire a lawyer if I’m guilty? 

Yes, hire a lawyer! Guilty is a legal conclusion, the government has to prove your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, if there isn’t enough evidence to prove guilt you must be found not guilty. 

It is also possible that the police broke the law when they obtained the evidence against. If police broke the law when gathering evidence against you that evidence must be suppressed, meaning it goes away. If evidence is suppressed your case can be dismissed or you will get a reduced offer. 

In many cases there is enough evidence to prove your guilt. The police did everything right and you a guilty, so what now. Many of our clients have overwhelming evidence against them and still get great deals. Why does this happen? The prosecution still has to prove your guilt at a trial. Many times, your lawyer can get the prosecution to offer a deal to avoid a trial. 

Even when you are guilty, if may be possible for your lawyer to get you deal because you have otherwise been a great person thought your life. 

Does hiring a lawyer make me look guilty?

 “The person who represents themselves has a fool for a lawyer.” – President Abraham Lincoln

Some people believe that it may make them look guilty if they hire a lawyer, those people could not be more wrong. Hiring a lawyer doesn’t make you look guilty, it makes you look smart. 

The judge is a lawyer, the prosecutor who is against you is a lawyer, even the playing field by having a lawyer of your own that knows the law, and knows how to speak the language.

While it probably isn’t fair, and certainly isn’t legal, people with a lawyer get treated better than people without a lawyer. Sit in a courtroom and watch cases where people represent themselves and people have lawyer. You will see over and over that the person with a lawyer tends to get a better deal, lighter sentence, and overall has a better experience. 

Michigan Criminal Lawyer, Aaron J. Boria zealously represents his clients. Boria gets results that other lawyers simply do not. With over 100 five star Google Reviews and over 100 five star AVVO reviews . Check out or testimonials on our website as well.

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We realize that our clients are people that either made a simple mistake or were in the wrong place at the wrong time. We pride ourselves on being easy to talk to. Call us today and let us help you (734) 453-7806.