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Armed Robbery Reduced to Misdemeanor

Our client was charged with the life offense of armed robbery. The case was ultimately reduced to a 93 day misdemeanor and our client didn’t serve a single day in jail. Charged with a crime? Call Michigan criminal lawyer, Aaron J. Boria (734) 453-7806.

It is not every day that a criminal charge is reduced from a life offense to a misdemeanor.

Armed Robbery in Michigan

The charge of armed robbery can be found at MCL. 750.529, and states:

A person who possesses a dangerous weapon or an article used or fashioned in a manner to lead any person present to reasonably believe the article is a dangerous weapon, or who represents orally or otherwise that he or she is in possession of a dangerous weapon, is guilty of a felony punishable by imprisonment for life or for any term of years.

Armed Robbery Allen Park Michigan 

The Allen Park Police reported in this case stated that three women were in a strip mall located in the Metro Detroit area. That two of the women were stealing items from a clothing store. On their way out the security guard tried to stop them and a fight broke out near a van. The third girl, our client, came up to the scuffle and told the man that if he did not back away she would shoot him and began to reach into her purse. The three were arrested later and charged. Our client was charged with the life offense or armed robbery.

Our client went with two of her friends to the shopping center and went into a different store than her friends. She was not with her friends when they committed the larceny inside of the store. When our client walked out of the store she saw her two girlfriends fighting with a man dressed in plain clothes. At this point, not seeing anything that would identify this man as security our client tried to help her friends by threatening to use a gun. She was later arrested because they thought she was an accessory to helping her friends get away with the items.

The biggest hurtle in a criminal case like this is trying to figure out which story a jury will believe. On one hand a jury may acquit the client and on the other they may find her guilty and she would wind up in prison for years. This is a major gamble when you negotiate an amazing offer from a life offense to a simple shoplifting charge. 

24th District Court Lawyer – Allen Park 

After meeting with the Wayne County Prosecuting attorney and the Allen Park detective in charge they were able to look at the facts of the case and see that the case was over charged. 

The prosecuting attorney was willing to offer a plea to the misdemeanor offense of retail fraud with an agreement of probation for a year.

In this case the client agreed that the plea offer was so sweet that she could not risk having a jury convict her and being sent to prison because they believed the security guard over her.

Sometimes what a client really needs is a voice. Someone that can tell their side of the story void of personal emotion. someone that can get the prosecutor and police to listen and have an open mind, someone that will stand up for them.

The 24th District Court Judge Richard Page agreed to accept the amazing plea deal and sentence the client to a term of probation. 

If you have been charged with armed robbery contact Armed Robbery Attorney, Aaron J. Boria (734) 453-7806