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Michigan Criminal Attorney

If you have been charged with a crime in Michigan you need to hire an experienced and aggressive criminal defense attorney.

Make sure you investigate your lawyer before hiring them. Under Michigan law, any attorney can claim that they are a Michigan criminal attorney even if only 1% of their practice is comprised of criminal defense.

Check the attorney’s background and do some research. Michigan criminal lawyer, Aaron J. Boria has been named Client’s Choice in Criminal Defense every single year since 2012. Boria has been selected at one of the top criminal lawyers by Detroit Business Magazine and as a Super Lawyer in criminal defense in since 2017, and every year after.

If you have been charged with a crime call a real criminal defense lawyer, call Aaron J. Boria (734) 453-7806. 

Michigan Criminal Attorney, Aaron J. Boria

Aaron J. Boria is a Michigan criminal attorney. Having handled hundreds of criminal cases, appearing in court thousands of times, winning trials, and having cases dismissed, you can be assured that Aaron J. Boria will have your back.

Boria achieves results on a daily basis that that other lawyers simply cannot come close to. 

Before Mr. Boria was a licensed lawyer he was a part of the Innocence Project where he worked to prove the innocence of the wrongfully convicted. Boria had already appeared in court hundreds of times in Washtenaw County. Mr. Boria won his first jury trial, and continues to take cases to trial when other attorneys refuse or are too afraid. 

Mr. Boria spends countless hours every year staying current with the law and hitting the most cutting edge legal trainings.

Boria is regularly retained by police officers, court employees, doctors, and even other lawyers when they themselves or family members are facing criminal charges. 

Michigan Criminal Defense Attorney Wins

Remember that you have rights. You are presumed innocent and the prosecutor has the burden to prove guilt. The police often lie and stretch the truth to fake confessions and get convictions. As a Michigan criminal attorney, we know how to uncover the truth.

If the police did not have a reason to stop you your case could be dismissed. If the police didn’t have a reason to arrest you then your case could be dismissed. It is also possible that what the police are calling a confession was gained illegally or coercively and should be dismissed.

Contact a Michigan Criminal Attorney

If you have been charged with a crime contact criminal defense lawyer, Aaron J. Boria (734) 453-7806. Aaron J. Boria fights for his client’s rights and protects their future. When you need help, and when you need it most call Aaron.