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Michigan Felony Firearm Lawyer

Felony Firearm is probably one of the most serious gun crimes you can be charged with because the penalty is so harsh. Unlike most crimes where a judge has some leeway to deviate from a lengthy prison sentence or even give probation, felony firearm, by law, requires a mandatory two years in prison.

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Felony Firearm in Michigan

The charge of Felony Firearm is charged when it has been alleged that you committed a felony and at the same time were in possession of a gun.

For instances, if it is alleged that you committed felony assault by pointing a gun at someone then you could also be charged with felony firearm.

Some things to know about this charge: it is a felony, and the punishment is a mandatory 2 years in prison for a first offense.

Felony Firearm cannot be charged when the underlying charge is felony firearm.

It doesn’t matter if the gun was loaded or not to be charged with felony firearm, but it definitely will help with a jury.

If the firearm present was a bb gun not exceeding .177 caliber then felony firearm cannot be charged.

Felony Firearm in Michigan

Felony Firearm Defense Lawyer

If you were acting in self-defense at the time you were in possession of a gun and were charged with felony firearm then you are entitled to be found not guilty.

If it cannot be proven that a gun was present then there is reasonable doubt and you should be found not guilty.

Even in cases where there was clearly a gun present and you were at fault then it is still possible that we could get the charge dismissed through plea negotiation.

To date, Felony Firearm Defense Lawyer, Aaron J. Boria has yet to have a client be convicted of felony firearm.

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